Desperate and with a million dollars at stake, Kayla Renee turns to a private investigator for help.

After her mother’s mysterious death, Kayla discovers a life-changing fortune in cryptocurrency. The only problem? She doesn’t have the password.

Thinking it would be a quick solution, Kayla enlists the help of Zane Clearwater, a novice private detective under the tutelage of Loris Trapper. But their journey takes an unexpected turn as they uncover shocking secrets from her mother’s past, leading them to Kayla’s elusive father.

Haunted by his own personal history, Zane feels the weight of his first professional case as a private detective. With each step closer to the truth, the danger escalates, especially after another person connected to Kayla’s mother is killed.

As time runs out, Kayla fears for her life. Can Zane and his resourceful teenage sister, Lettie, crack the password and unlock Kayla’s future? Or will the secret be buried forever with her mother?

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Lynn Lipinski on her new novel Cryptic Inheritance

As I finish final edits on Cryptic Inheritance, I can’t help but reflect on the journey we’ve taken together through the pages of the Zane Clearwater Mysteries. It’s been quite the adventure, hasn’t it? From the very first case that thrust Zane into the tangled world of mysteries, secrets, and deception, to this moment, where our beloved protagonist stands at the precipice of a new phase in his life. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Cryptic Inheritance, a tale that marks both an end and a beginning for our dear Zane Clearwater.

In Cryptic Inheritance, Zane takes on a role that none of us could have predicted when we first met him. He’s no longer the ordinary man caught in the whirlwind of extraordinary circumstances. Instead, he’s embraced his calling as a private investigator under the guidance of the enigmatic and brilliant Loris Trapper. Their dynamic is one that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, just as it did for me while writing.

But there’s more to this story than just a career change. Zane’s journey in this book takes a deeply personal turn. You’ll have to read on to learn more!