Lynn Lipinski’s Zane Clearwater mystery series (“Bloodlines,” “Serpent Loop,” “Stalked by Revenge,” and “Cryptic Inheritance”) is set in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which also happens to be her favorite place to write about. It follows the flawed but good-hearted Zane Clearwater and his younger sister Lettie as they find their way from society’s fringes to a world where justice rules, karma is real and the good person comes out on top.

“Lynn Lipinski’s SERPENT LOOP is first-rate fiction featuring crisp writing, depth of characterization, authentic dialogue and vivid settings that entertain, along with well-researched insights into credit card fraud.”


“Gripping and well-paced…[Serpent Loop] offers action from the get-go and then paints a vivid picture of the relationship between Zane and his sister.”

Kirkus Reviews

Get the latest on the fourth book in the Zane Clearwater Mystery series, “Cryptic Inheritance,” on sale now. In it, Zane lands his first case as a private investigator.