You can’t outrun your past.

Clyde Doom wants his half-brother, Zane Clearwater, and Zane’s sister Lettie dead. It was their testimony that landed him behind bars after Zane killed his father in self-defense.

Clyde’s violent fantasies may finally become reality when the court overturns his conviction. Lettie is pregnant. Zane is almost finished with his police academy training. Neither is prepared for the storm cloud of darkness roiling in. 

Running isn’t an option, but standing their ground has never seemed more terrifying. While Zane’s friends at the police academy offer to help, they are limited by the boundaries of what is legal and just. That is until Zane meets Loris Trapper. The former cop has no problem toeing the gray areas outside the law. 

When Clyde finally finds them, will his brutal vengeance be carried out? Or will Zane and Lettie take drastic steps to ensure he never threatens them again?

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A heart-wrenching thrill ride that never stops accelerating! Lipinski delivers a high-stakes story of revenge that leaves you breathless for the final hammer to fall.

Caytlyn Brooke

Author, Dark Flowers and Among the Hunted

Lipinski’s pacy plot and hinterland characters – set against a Tulsa backdrop and narrated in uncomplicated prose – make her thriller, Stalked by Revenge, a cut above the usual.


Like its characters, this mystery is engaging, compelling

Kirkus Reviews

Compelling family dynamics at the heart…character-rich rural noir.

BookLife Review

…human interest storytelling…Stalked by Revenge will keep thriller and suspense aficionados engaged from beginning to end.”

Pacific Book Review

Lynn Lipinski on her mystery thriller Stalked By Revenge

It’s hard to know when a novel is done. Most authors I know could tinker with draft manuscripts forever, polishing sentences, changing settings, and shifting plot points to try to match that perfect novel we had in our heads. Acclaimed U.S. author James Faulkner, in a 1956 interview in the Paris Review, said “All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible.”  

That impossible feat is using written words to capture the wonder and woe of the human experience, and for mystery authors, to be entertaining and thrilling while doing so. If someone as talented as Faulkner struggled to live up to his own dreams of perfection, I can take comfort at least that my worries place me in very excellent company.

For me, one of the ways I decide I’m done is when I re-read a chapter and think “wow, that’s good. Did I write that?” It’s a funny moment when I don’t recognize my own writing and a testament to just how long it takes to write a novel and what an overwhelming process it is to keep all these fictional lives and worlds going. I hope that as you read Stalked by Revenge, you enjoy the story and don’t hold it against me that more bad stuff happens to Zane and Lettie.